About me

As a kid, I was always in my father’s photos. Later on, I secretly found a way to get to his photo equipment. As far as I can remember, the camera has been a part of my life. As the years went on, I traded my analog camera for a digital one and stepped outside the city. Naturally water entered the lens and became my favorite inspiration. Running water has a thousand hidden faces and it’s my pleasure to discover them one by one with the help of my camera. Constantly changing water became my passion.

Professionally, I examine the most complex structure in the universe, human brain.

I am based in the beautiful Timok Region in the hilly Balkan Peninsula, in South East Europe.

Emil Vlaijc, MD

Autor: Aleksandar Aleksic, 2019
Autor: Aleksandar Nenkovic 2015
Autor: Boban Petkovic, 2005